My Choice For National Heroes

by Keith R. Williams

The criteria for heroes set by Kenneth Daniels are virtually unreachable in Guyana . Let’s be realistic.

Persons whose personalities endear them to the widest cross-section of the public, and appear prepared to render selfless service to all irrespective of class, color and creed, and ethnicity, religion and gender, will be victims of controversy.

Peter Ramsaroop meets the two major criteria, but just look at the response it engenders from some of the self-absorbed talking heads. I believe that Freddie Kissoon would also meet the criteria but alas, like Ramsaroop, he is alive. But never fear, I have two more names for you and, although I am not sure of their mortal status, they will always be heroes in my book.

(1) The Reverend John Dorman, MS, an Anglican priest who dedicated his life in Christian service to those who got the least attention from officialdom.

He crossed waterfalls, blistering savannahs, and negotiated obstacle-strewn and virtually impassable mountain paths in order to serve the peoples of the Upper Mazaruni and Upper Cuyuni Region. And he did so always with a permanent smile on his face and a jovial: “Well, hello, how are you?” to all he encountered in passing.

(2) Olga Lopes-Seales. My earliest memory of this woman is that of a loving, caring and benevolent person who went to great ends to bring a sense of Christmas cheer into the lives of under-privileged children in Georgetown every year. I cannot elaborate on how she raised the funds, whom she represented or even the exact years and duration of the programme she sponsored.

I just have this memory of a motherly Portuguese-looking female who seemed to be always smiling and called everyone by their first names when they gathered around her to partake of the goodies she was dispensing.

Like I said, I do not know their mortal states at this time, but if I encountered any heroes during my life in Guyana , these two were foremost among them.


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